Local Business Article Marketing – Attracting Very Specific Types of Customers to Your Website

So, you have a local business that you’re wanting to market online. You’ve heard of local business article marketing, and it sounds promising. The only problem is that you just can’t wrap your head around how to get your articles to appear only on websites based in your country. After all, isn’t that the way to draw targeted customers to your local business website?

Every day I speak to local business owners who are interested in doing article marketing, and the scenario I presented above is extremely typical.

A business owner unacquainted with the way that website marketing works will usually assume that article marketing works by submitting articles to publishers who own websites with viewers in a specific city or country. Then a person who lives in the city where the business is located will see the article and click the link in the resource box leading back to the business owner’s website.

I can completely understand how this mistaken belief comes about–in the offline world that is how marketing works.

If you want to market your business offline, you need to publish an advertisement in your local newspaper or on your local radio or television station. In the offline world it would not make sense to air a commercial for your local business in a foreign country or distant city.

This is a marketing principle from the offline world, but that is not how marketing works on the internet.

In the offline world you need to go in search of your customers and follow them where they go.

On the internet the tables are turned: your customers search for you.

Your potential customers tell you outright what they want–they type what they need into Google, and then Google obliges by providing a list of websites ranked in order with the websites that have the best chance of satisfying the searcher at the top.

What is the value of being ranked #1 in Google?

A top ranking site in Google receives about 8.5 more visitors than the website in the #5 position. That means that if your website is ranked 5th and receives 8,000 unique visitors a month, then if your website jumped to the #1 spot you would be enjoying 68,000 unique visitors a month.

Could your website use that targeted exposure?

Being ranked #1 in Google is like continuously airing a commercial that plays only for your target market. Better yet, it’s like a commercial that your potential customers are directly asking to see repeatedly, at all hours of the day and night.

Now THAT is targeted traffic.

Forget about trying to get your articles published on websites that are based in your specific country. That is a very wide group of readers–not everyone in your country or city is interested in your specific business. You can do better much than that.

You really want visitors to your website who are located in your specific location AND who are also interested in the services that you offer. To achieve that goal, you need to go for a higher search engine ranking for your keyword terms that are specific to your location and your niche.

Here’s how you do that:

1 – Write articles on your general topic. Do not mention your location in your title or article body.

2 – In your resource box use your location specific keyword terms to form the clickable link that leads to your website.

3 – Submit your articles to publishers who publish articles on similar topics. Most article directories will have a category that is appropriate for your niche.

Do you now understand how article marketing can send very specific customers to a website, generating much more targeted interest in your business than radio, television or newspaper ever could?

Do you have any questions about how to do business article marketing for your specific local business?

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Article Marketing – Avoid These Common Mistakes When Creating Your Business Article

The idea of creating a marketing article business strategy, is to attract a very targeted customer and then converting them into buyers. In order to achieve this software and distribution services were made available, so that the process of article promotion could be made easier.

There are two elements that make article marketing work:

a) First the preparation and planning of an article.

b) Second the article that is being created and submitted.

There are quite a few mistakes that can be made, here are some to avoid.

1. Do not start your article without planning or preparation take time to build a solid foundation. Business articles can have different functions, some articles can be created with the purpose of promotion in mind. Some business articles can be created for branding, others can be geared for generating leads and help increase sales.

So decide for what purpose your article is going to be used for. An article that is meant to brand you as an expert must show that you are an authority in your field. An article that you want to use for generating leads and so increase sales, could be aimed at solving problems that customers might have about your product.

If the purpose of your marketing article is to promote your product, then you have to show your product in the best possible light. You have to show customers the attributes of your product and show the advantages your product has over your competitors.

2. Do not create an article that is of little use to your readers, you must give your customers something of value in your article. If you do not give value then your readers will simply move on to another site.

3. Do not write a business article for the sole purpose of trying to get lots of links back to your site, this is a very common mistake. Rather than write articles to gain a lot of links back to your site, write content that will benefit your reader. This business strategy will do your company more good than just writing to get more links back to your site.

4. Not all article submission sites and directories accept articles as an automatic process, so check the editorial guide lines of the particular submission site that you want to use. Make sure your article is about the topic you have chosen, check spelling and grammar, or even consider hiring a ghost writer.

5. There is only one reason to write business articles and that is to inform your readers. If you do not make this as your prime purpose, then you will not attract the benefits of article marketing, this is because nobody will want to read your articles.

The amount of links you are able to get by submitting your articles to lots of sites will be of little use if publishers do not use them, or if they are not read by people searching for information on your topic. Yes you might get a good search engine result with all these links but this is only part of optimizing your site.

If you want viewers to read your article and click through to your site, then the best way to achieve this is to write a good article. Also use your keyword and keyword phrases in strategic places.

In conclusion if you want to get the best out of article marketing for your business, then write interesting and informative business articles with relevant keywords. Also avoid the common mistakes that have been pointed out. Good luck.

Tom Wilson is an author and business entrepreneur and has been in business some forty years. He writes articles with the intent of offering correct interesting and useful Internet business information.

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Articles – How to Build a Good Business Article Base

The first mistake that a lot of people make when first starting an article marketing campaign for their business is, they fail to do the ground work first. This is important when you first start to construct your article, because it forms a solid base.

So let us take a look at some of the important elements that go into making a sound foundation for a good business article marketing strategy.

1. You must do some research on the subject you have chosen. You have to find out if your topic or product is worth writing an article about. You have to ask yourself is there enough demand for my product.

You can find out if there is enough demand for your product by using Google’s good keywords tool, this will give you “local research volume” and “global research volume” use the global research volume.

2. Check for the supply of your product, this will give you some idea of the strength of the competition. You can do this by going to Google and type in the keyword or keyword phrase.

An ideal position to be looking for is high demand and low supply.

3. Is your product good enough for you to promote in your article, your product should not only be in demand it must be able to do the job it was designed for. It is no good having a product that people want and then find out your product can not fulfill the task it was designed for.

4. Is your product priced competitively, your product price should be able to compete with other products that are offered by your competitors.

5. Does your product have qualities that your competitors do not have, if so then remember to high light those qualities and promote them.

6. Are you prepared to go that extra mile for your customer, this is an important point because satisfied customers are what your article marketing campaign is all about.

About your business article, let us now look at some basic points about your article that you have to consider before you start writing.

7. Title, creating an enticing title is a must, remember this is the first element that your reader will see. Create a title that makes your reader feel compelled to read more. Include relevant keywords in your title.

8. Your summary or introduction, this should be constructed as to what the article contains and should be able to draw the reader into the main body of your business article.

9. The main body of your article, this should be informative, fresh and interesting, it should always be kept on topic. Do not stray from your subject after all this is what your article is about.

10. Conclusion, do not finish your article abruptly this will leave your visitor “up in the air” and will probably leave them a little confused.

There you have it! follow the tips and advice above and you will form a solid foundation on which to base your article on. Remember a good business article marketing campaign is the corner stone of any successful company. Good luck.

Tom Wilson is an author and business entrepreneur and has been in business some forty years. He writes articles with the intent of offering correct interesting and useful Internet business information.

If you found this article helpful about, Articles-How to Build a Good Business Article Base, and if you would like to make money GUARANTEED! from these online business opportunities. Then take a look at the FREE! step by step video tutorials here!